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      When it comes to the topic of love, we often say, "hold on to his stomach and catch his heart."". Like this in the open half jokingly, did not Steamed Rice braised chicken franchise operators to pursue the role of. As long as the hearts of consumers to win, can continue to operate for the store to lay a good foundation, the invention of higher income records. How to achieve this role, with how the trick, may wish to follow the wind along with the provisional square.
      The resolution of a yellow chicken chicken rice shop to carry out the elements of the quality of food is bound to play a leading role, followed by a good site is more conducive to improving your operation. The two key elements that you need to know when the operator selects the appropriate shop address. The main flow of the decision to join the source of tourists, as long as there is a source of satisfaction, the chicken braised chicken sauce has a good taste to be able to have more old customers. Geographical orientation is also the main, compared to its various time-consuming and costly advocacy, a prominent shop location, can play a better role. If you can meet these two elements, in such an address can be easily set up shop.
      Through years of operation, Huang braised chicken rice in the fast food market has a high popularity. When you know how to attract consumers, how to win the hearts of consumers to live, is also Different people, different views. work. This is the operator to have a place to meet the value of knowledge, cheap food is a favorite. On the basis of reasonable positioning of the shop rent and all the district level, make suitable price, then by the wind near eight square braised delicacy, certainly can do for your business operations open market.
      When a batch of new customers is to attract the braised chicken sauce, nutritious and delicious chicken lure, become rich loyal consumers, only need reasonable operation, you can continue to operate popular stores. New year's new weather, if the new year, the most expensive items in the entrepreneurial market which is the name of the chicken is definitely a top brand.

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